Donate To Build School

The small, beautiful city of Mfou is known for its green hills, serene lakes, and captivating wildlife.  The area is primarily rural with many farms providing a source of employment for the local people.  Although this area is beautiful, the lack of places of employ and infrastructure has forced young people to leave and go to the capital city, Yaounde, for education and job opportunities.  However, few can afford to travel the distance.  The many who remain face high teenage pregnancy rates, increasing HIV/AIDS rates, and decreased opportunity for education.  Seeing this need, the Nadine Foundation seeks to establish a school for local children, particularly girls.  It is well known that when the girls of a society are schooled, several health factors increase.  However, it is not just the individual that benefits; society benefits.  When girls are educated, the GDP of the nation increases.   When a girl succeeds, we all succeed.

The land has been purchased for the school, and the workers are willing and ready to begin construction.  However, we need to raise funds to begin construction on the school.  Please click the donate button below and donate to Nadine Foundation.  No donation is too small, and all donations will help save the life of a child who will, possibly, change a nation.